Virtuous Organizations of Ghelspad

Coreanic Orders

Order Affiliations Primary geographic centers Notes
Order of Gold Corean, Madriel Primarily Eastern Ghelspad compassionate healers and defenders
Order of Iron Corean Ghelspad Coreanic priests and paladins dedicated to perfecting the art of war-time defenses and siege weaponry
Order of Mithril Corean Ghelspad paladins and clerics whose primary task is to protect the interests of the city of Mithril and fight evil
Order of Silver Corean Eastern. central Ghelspad study and defeat the evil outsiders that remain in this world after the divine war
Brothers of Steel Corean Eastern and central Ghelspad Order of monks serving among the orders of Corean’s knights
Mithril Disciples Corean Ghelspad, Termana Disciples of Corean who constantly seek mental, spiritual and physical self-improvement

Madriel’s Orders

Orders Affiliations Primary geographic centers Notes
the Order of the Morning Sky Madriel Maintains a presence throughout Ghelspad and into Termana A militant sect of Madriel’s church. The order has a particular hatred for undead and disease
Keepers of the Eternal Flame Madriel, Corean Northeast Ghelspad, Bridged City clerics who channel the Eternal Flame to bring healing to the world and battle evil
Swan Knights Madriel Termana, Ghelspad Individual female paladins of Madriel who travel the land to aid those in need

Tanil’s Orders

Orders Affiliations Primary geographic centers Notes
The Vigils of Vesh Vesh, Tanil, Madriel Vesh, eastern and central Ghelspad Scouts, guardians and agents of the Kingdom of Vesh. Divided into various sects depending on geographic location
Liliandeli Tanil Hornsaw Forest skilled archers who seek to return the Hornsaw to its former glory

The Orders of Hedrada

Orders Affiliations Primary geographic centers Notes
High Judicators Hedrada Hedrad and Ghelspad Lawbringers and judges of Hedrada’s cities, though they often travel to lawless lands
Sages of the Phylacteric Vault Hedrada, Darakeene Darakeene, Ghelspad institution for the arcane, housing the greatest collection of arcane artifacts, scholars and teachers on Ghelspad
Baerovian chanters Hedrada, Library of Lokil Central Ghelspad bards who crave knowledge and seek to pass on lore through their haunting chants
Holy Templars Hedrada Hedrad Paladins of Hedrada who seek to bring justice and find ways to better unfair or cruel laws

Other Orders

Orders Affiliations Primary geographic centers Notes
Pursuivant All divine churches Ghelspad, Termana, Asherak Champions and clerics singled out and trained by the various churches to battle titan-spawn
Cabalists All churches Scarred Lands Wizards who serve a chosen deity and church and are said to learn to tap divine magic
The Lotus Eaters Erias Shelzar, the Drifting Isle talented soothsayers and oracles, most use mind-altering substances to enhance their powers of divination
Kelder Brotherhood Goran, Durrover, Burok Torn Southern Kelders rangers who seek to sabotage Calastia’s war efforts against Durrover and Burok Torn
Rune Wizards/Priests Goran, Burok Torn Southern Kelders Practitioners of dwarven Rune-magic
Runic Scribe Goran, Burok Torn Burok Torn A dwarven bardic tradition
The Defender’s Faith Hwyrdd Calastia, halfling communities heart of a growing resistance movement against Calastian Hegemony
Hwyrdd’s Chosen Hwyrdd Calastian Hegemony, Hornsaw To help provide for and often avenge the poor or enslaved Halflings in the Heteronomy
Smallpipe Renegades Hwyrdd, halflings Calastian Hegemony Halfling bards who use the power of stories and music to inspire the Halflings of the Hegemony into revolt
The Prismatic Path Syhana The Ganjus and central Ghelspad Tries to encourage good weather, good crops and optimism among their followers
Feyhunters Syhana Ghelspad, Termana find and destroy evil fey or to save those fey who have been warped or shifted by the divine war
Knights of the Blossom Syhana Ghelspad Paladins of Syhana that primarily protect the peasantry and farmers of Ghelspad and protect quillflies

Virtuous Organizations of Ghelspad

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