Major NPC's


Charth Annix (human male)
Lengthlord Uriadak (Charduni male)
Chainlord Bowynnix (human male)
Eshe (gnome) – gnomish slave, treated poorly by other slaves and adored a collection of shiny rocks

Ukrudan Desert

Jehona (human female) – Relic hunter and historian among nomadic people


Osmund Gittens (human male) – Mayor of Redwick Bush
Skab Maggot (Diseased slitheren male) – Thought to be in Catleigh making alliances with were rats.
Cecil Dunstan – Guard for hire. Explosive temper but tries hard to be a good person.

Phylacteric Vault

Huntress Diani Blackwolf (human female) – Huntress of Tanil at Northern Sentinel
Merciful Father Otis Rafe (Human male) – Oversees temple to Madriel, The Sanctuary of Garzardriella
Forgemaster Jarvis Kripps (human male) – Cleric and blacksmith who is master of Whiteforge shrine to Corean.

Gleaming Valley

Dulce (half-elf female) – Bard and hunter of lycanthropes

Major NPC's

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