Scattered far and wide, beyond the winds and the horizon lie swords of legend, all crafted and magically imbued by the famed warrior-wizard Vode Nulan, master craftsman and champion of good.
Prized by fighting men, exalted by scholarly men, these blades contain an essence of magic and history dating to the height of the Empire of the Wheel and playing a formidable role in the wars against the titans.


What great need now arises calling for the reunion of these eighteen blades? And in what forgotten corners of the world will these blades be found? Great adventure awaits those who seek these swords and great struggles indeed await, for who in their right mind would relinquish such an artifact? 044.jpgSome suggest that a dark force moves in this world – a forgotten master element that ties all of these blades together in an effort to unite them to do evil despite their creator’s good intentions.
What of the rumors of a curse surrounding the name Vode Nulan? Only the most secretive and learned of whispers even suggests such a dark thing…
But what else could have inspired this hunt for these lost and precious blades…


The Eighteen Blades of Vode Nulan

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