Village And People

Village and Villagers of the Phylacteric Vault

1. The Stone Butcher (or Little T’s) – Tienna’s shop is located right on the main boulevard as it passes beyond the Town’s heart. The building is a quaint structure of wood and stone with brightly colored shutters and overflowing flower beds in the window sills. The building is further marked by a shield that hangs above the entrance – upon the shield is painted a bright red ruby on a field of black and white. The establishment is known as little T’s or the Stone Butcher. Tienna (Halfling female) is the owner and a skilled jeweler; she runs the shop with her two apprentices, a young halfling male named Yonleau and a thuggish half-orc who goes by Hatchet.

2. The Two Moon Tavern – a popular tavern famous for its imported mead and roasted lamb dishes. The Moon boasts the largest stage in town (other than the amphitheater) and they regularly put on short plays or have bardic troupes acting out epic scores to an attentive audience. The Two Moon is owned and run by Uley Biggens (human male). A hanging wooden sign in front of the tavern shows a pair of grinning crescent moons gazing at each other.
2-moon whiskey: 2 cp per shot
Redwick Apple Brandy: 5 sp per glass
Northshore Seafoam Ale: 3 cp per pint
Undermountain Stout: 1 sp per pint
Calastian brandy: 12 gp per bottle
Everbright White wine: 4 gp per glass

Roasted lamb and potatoes: 5 coppers per plate
Seared mutton with greens and potatoes: 5 coppers per plate
Meat pies (mutton or lamb): 3 copperss per pie
Potato and lamb stew: 2 coopers per bowl and bread

3. Lotti’s Marvellous Companions – Lotti Glotes (human female) once travelled these northern regions as a wizard attached to a bastion of soldiers stationed nearby. After her service she took the adventuring route, making enough coin to settle down and open this shop which sells all manner of exotic animals and other critters perfectly suited to act as familiars to promising young wizards. Her former companions, (an adventuring group known as Snow-Foot) continue to quest through the region, always on the look-out to bring unusual critters back to Lotti in exchange for her arcane services.

4. The Enchanted Inn – This old four story tower was recently renovated and converted into a high class inn that caters to visiting wizards who have coin to spare. Besides having one of the finest mountain-side views in the town, the grand tower offers comfortable suites, access to a fully stocked lab, a small arcane library and special meals and arrangements for finicky wizards and their familiars. Dezerinda Greendale (female half-elf), a travelling wizard from the south runs this fine establishment.
common room (single) 2 golds per night
common room (double) 3 golds per night
Suite: 30 golds per night

5. The Scribe’s Cellar – A tightly packed and claustrophobic little shop located one flight below street level (beneath an herbalist’s shop). Here a pair of human siblings sell tomes and books of all shapes and sizes. The pair specialize in spell books, from small traveling books to large and heavy tomes; both siblings are practicing wizards and specialize in enchanting their spellbooks. They also sell all manner of materials required to scribe books and scrolls and will set arcane traps upon the books of young wizards for a small fee. Hella (female human) and Holgar (male human) collect all manner of tomes, books and scrolls which they often copy and sell to the vault to add to their massive stores of books. Arcane runes have been cast all over the place, various symbols used by the siblings as a means of organizing and storing. It is a method that seems to make sense to no others, as the shop seems cluttered and disorganized to the untrained eye.

6. The Northern Sentinel – Roughly three miles north of the Phylacteric Vault over jagged, rocky terrain, rests the stout stone fortress and temple dedicated to the Huntress Tanil. The fort is set on a rocky perch overlooking a calm glacial lake to the west and vault17.jpg
watching over the relatively flat Hunter’s Valley to the North which lies along the upper border of Darakeene. The Sentinel is stocked with northern units of Darakeene soldiers, travelling border scouts and a wizard from the vault is stationed there at all times along with the current high priestess of Tanil, Diani Blackwolf (human female).
The Sentinel watches the most obvious path a titanspawn force might take if they decide to enter Darakeene from the treacherous Titanshome Mountains, though recently more and more effort and man power have been relegated toward handling the growing number of hill giant tribes taking up residence in the region. At least three squads of mountain scouts are stationed here and work closely with the Tanil church in keeping tabs on passes in the northern mountains.

7. The Mountain Rest – A small but deep inn carved for comfort out of an existing cave network in the side of a mountain. Chimneys burrowed through the stone give off the pleasant scent of dwarven dishes usually only found in Burok Torn. Roast potatos, mushrooms, goat and subterranean lizard are usually on the menu and some of the finest dwarven ales are served fresh and cold right from the tap. The Mountain Rest caters primarily to dwarven wizards visiting from Burok Torn, but any willing to pay their fees or tolerate the claustrophobic rooms are free to stay. Their dining room and tap-room are private and reserved for guests at the inn only. The Rest is run by Solveig Earthwarden (female dwarf) an expert of engineering, mining and many other things which she lectures on at the Vault from time to time. She oversaw the inn’s excavation and construction over twenty years ago and is always looking for ways to make the place more comfortable and easy to manage.
Room (sleeps two): 6 golds per night

8. Logger’s Lodge – A small encampment just outside of the village proper. Gilroy Hatch (human male), a retired lumberjack and part-time carpenter crafted these seven lodges in a comfortable valley. A shallow stream flows through the center of the encampment and a small live stock pen provides grazing for mounts or pets. Rumors abound through the region that Gilroy came into a great deal of money somehow, and many claim that a fortune lies buried somewhere on the property.
Lodge: 1 gold & 6 silvers per night

9. The Sanctuary of Gazardriella – A small stone church built against the backdrop of a lush green mountain valley near the northern side of the town. The church and its surrounding blossom gardens are bathed in sunlight throughout the day and a verdant green park has flourished around the church yards. vault18.jpgIn the autumn the park and church grounds take on the brilliant hues of fall and many come to enjoy the beauty and serenity and to enjoy the fading days of autumn before the region’s harsh winter sets in.
o The church was built and dedicated to the archangel Gazardriella in the year 120 AV. Gazardriella, who leads Madriel’s order of Zhaleha angels, was said to have directed the church’s founder, Hadrienna Sa’Velle, to this locale. It is rumored that one of the tiny Zhaleha angels tends to the church’s gardens during the dark of the night, and her blessing can be seen in the brilliant icy blue flowers that bloom on the temple’s ivy during the most bitter months of winter.
o The temple is presently overseen by the Madriel cleric Otis Rafe (human male) who goes by the title Merciful Father (or often just Mercy for short). The temple primarily worships Madriel’s nature as a healer of the sick. vault19.jpgThe Merciful Father is often away from the church tending to bed-ridden townsfolk or at the town constable’s station talking with the guards or tending with prisoners (of which there are always few). Otis is a large, wide man, roughly 6’ 4” with wild blonde hair to his shoulders and a neatly groomed but thick beard. Beside the temple itself has been constructed two small wooden buildings, each serving as healing houses, one to tend people, the other to tend wounded animals, which Otis has a tendency to adopt and bring back to town with him. Presently residing on the church grounds are Marinda – a wild turkey; Cylus (Cy) a wooly ram; Giles a gray fox (who shyly follows the Merciful Father wherever he goes) and Rose, a small pony who gives rides to the local children and pulls the father’s husbandry cart.

10. Constable’s Station – The local constable Mave Wyndella (human female) has been the constable here for the last two years, but if you were to ask any of the townsfolk there’s a fifty-fifty chance they’d say the constable is Donnchaad Frayhook (“The Hook”). Constable Frayhook ran the constable’s office of the town surrounding the vault and its small squad of guards and sheriffs for the last 35 years and many still see him as the boss. It doesn’t help that he elected to retire from the position yet remain an active (if part-time) member of the sheriff’s squad.

11. The Wolf’s Den – The wolf’s den is a wooden lodge built in the rugged outskirts of the town. It primarily caters to hunters and trappers who venture into the mountains to trap game but do not stay long. The Den’s common room serves hearty meals in full portions and always has a stew of some variety warming over the fire in their large hearth. Hunting trophies line the walls, from large elk and deer to more fierce bears. Their prized trophy is the head of a large Goblin Bear mounted over the large fireplace.
o The Den is run by southern noble who fell in love with the mountains and the hunt. Plavius Rayneson (human male) is a small, skinny man who seems rather weak and meek for a mountain hunter. He dresses in fur-lined finery with tanned hide-skin boots and gloves.
o The rooms cost 1 gold stater per night (he does not accept foreign coin) and include all the stew and bread you can eat; Rayneson is more than happy to take trade in the form of animal hides, furs or meat in lieu of his standard fee; he will also buy any hunting trophies that would look good in his establishment.
Stew: 2 coppers per bowl
Bread: 3 coppers per loaf
fruit loaf: 4 coppers per loaf

12. Rucksack Ranny’s – For 3 sp. Per night (2 gold per week) one always has a bed at Rucksack Ranny’s. Ranny is an old prospector who swears there are veins of gold in these mountains; he claims to have found enough nuggets to buy this establishment from its former owner and make improvements upon it. The building is in disrepair, the rooms are tiny and drafty and the rooms that do have beds consist of thin, worn out mattresses and lumpy pillows. Most rooms simply contain hammocks, and a row of nearly twenty hammocks (1 sp per night) are set up in the attic for particularly busy stretches.
o Svendar Ranny (human male) often leaves the inn for stretches at a time to seek his fortune in the surrounding mountains, he packs up a mule with his equipment and strikes off into the mountains with his pair of dogs (Fire & Ice).
o When Svendar is away the establishment is overseen by Riles Khoss (half-orc male) a quiet and surly man who has no need for words or conversation.

13. The Sputtering Fireball – A rowdy tavern and inn frequented primarily by shepherds and laborers; the Fireball is generally high spirited with a boisterous and thirsty crowd, but things rarely get out of hand considering its close proximity to the vault. It does see its fair share of Vault personnel, particularly apprentices looking to blow off steam, but occasionally a professor or elder wizard will stop in for a bite as the Fireball is well known for its seared and blackened meat dishes flavored with just the right amount of exotic spices from beyond.
Fire-Ale: 5 coppers per pint
Dragonspit Whiskey: 1 silver per shot
Diviner’s Crystal-white: 5 golds per glass, 30 golds per bottle
Summoner’s Celestial mint tea: 5 coppers per mug
Shepherd’s Crook Red wine: 3 golds per glass
Angelfury (whiskey): 2 silvers per shot
Dark Charmer’s Black Ale: 5 coppers per pint
Shockpaw Mountain beer: 2 coppers per glass
Color’s Spray berry cider: 5 coppers per pint

single room: 8 silvers per night
double room: 12 silvers per night

14. Council Hall: One of the oldest buildings in the town and one of the first to be spotted by newcomers. The Council hall is a small two-story circular building with a joined steeple and clock tower. The tower chimes a clear toll at dawn, noon and dusk; this toll can be heard throughout the valley.
vault10.jpgThe Council of Administrators meet here every Hedraday and on the first Hedraday of each month is a town assembly during which any citizen of the town can voice problems and be heard by the full assembly. Other than town assembly it is often difficult to gain an audience with the entire council and some administrators may be difficult to arrange meetings with individually on days other than Hedraday.

15. Whiteforge, Shrine to Corean – A small smithy set up within an ancient tower of light gray stone with white mortar. At the center of the shrine rests a gleaming anvil of white stone that is harder than any known metal; a working forge surrounds the anvil and individuals are free to make use of this blessed forge. vault16.jpgWith the high number of people wanting to use the forge, the presiding cleric must keep a strict schedule and he has limited the use of the forge to one item per person.
o The Shrine is overseen by Forgemaster Jarvis Kipps (human male) A short bald man built like an anvil. Kipps sports a thick gray moustache and has bushy gray eyebrows.
o It is evident by the age of the rock that Whiteforge pre-dates the village and the vault itself. It is believed that a solitary paladin or angel once manned the tower centuries ago, honoring Corean through the perfecting of his craft and the defense of these wild lands from the encroachment of evil.

16. Kilarn’s Supplies & Sundries – Owned by the retired merchant Kilarn (human male) he stocks up on supplies required to thrive in these harsh conditions. He is well stocked by merchants at Catleigh.

17. Deedellan forge-works and armorsmithy – Cochenne Deedellan (Hlaf-elf female) a sturdy young half-elf maiden works this small forge. She specializes in the production of shields and armor, but due to the lack of need she primarily makes her living doing rudimentary forge work.

18. Frid’s Man-sized cutlery – Nefrid Kerre (human male) creates weapons of all sorts, though he favors blades and knives.

Village And People

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