The Gleaming Valley

The Gleaming Land of Corean

Population: 30,000 (Hollow Knights 93%, Dwarf
3%, Elf 1%, Half-elf 1%, Half-orc 1%, Human 1%)
Government: Constitutional Meritocracy; a hierarchy
of ranked knights, from common to king, governs.
Ruler: The King (hollow knight)
Capital: The Golden City (20,000)
Major Cities: The Citadel (5,000), Forge (3,000)
Languages: Ledean, Veshian
Religion: Corean, Hedrada
Currency: Gold sovereign (100 gp), gold tier
(20 gp), gold valiant (1 gp), silver anvil (1 sp), copper
bit (1 cp)
Resources: Arms and armor, semi-precious metals
Allies: Vesh, Mithril
Enemies: None

Nestled within the bosom of the Gascars, the Gleaming Valley has a mild climate and the landscape to match.

The Summer Vale: Blessed with mild rains and warmed by southerly winds, the Summer Vale is the breadbasket of the Gleaming Valley. Rich with prosperous farms and idyllic homesteads, this is a place for rest and quiet contemplation. Here spring and summer
reign in an endless courtship of seasons – the sun always shining, the moon always comforting, the air scented with honey, the fields ripe with crops.

The Winter Vale: Austere and cold by the standards of its northern sister, the Winter Vale nonetheless has a stoic beauty all its own. Its chalk white hills and vast basalt flows have no
bounty of life but hold within them rich veins of iron, iridium, silver, and other precious metals. Settled by craftsmen of every type, this region supplies the entire nation with its mineral wealth.

Mount Aesser: Overlooking the Citadel, the aquamarine slopes of Aesser are crowned with cherry trees. In winter the blue rock shines like a commandment from the sky, while in summer the blossoming trees transform Aesser into a living shower of light from on high.

Mount Elas: The holiest site of the valley, the slopes of Elas were long ago consecrated by a powerful true ritual. Upon it did Corean pronounce his decision to destroy the titans’ rule, and upon it did Chardun end his alliance with the other gods following the end of the War. Elas is a place for beginnings and endings, a place where oaths are made and where they can be broken in honorable accord. Though so rich in gold that its slopes glow in the moonlight, Mount Elas’ natural treasures remain protected by magic, decree, and tradition.

Mount Glianorum: An ancient peak of granite and marble, the Shining Mountain is a worthy home to the Golden City that rests within the dormant caldera upon its summit.

The Golden City: If ever there was a rebuttal to the mocking claim that “hollow warriors have no place playing at the art of living,” then the Golden city would be the greatest of
them all. Conceived and built at the height of the Restoration, it stands not only as a symbol of divine authority, but also as a testament to a people coming of age. Resting within the ancient caldera of Mount Glianorum, the city’s rooftops shine so brightly that travelers have likened it to a “star visiting the earth, no less radiant than the heavens.”

Crime and punishment

In a nation with two lawful patron gods, it is not surprising that delinquency is uncommon. Yet crime remains a reality even in the Valley, and its citizens have arrayed many resources to deal with it. The whole question of criminality is a matter of considerable philosophical debate, and the nation’s legal system has undergone extensive revision five times since the Restoration. In general, crime is viewed as a flaw in character and environment, which combine to produce tragic results. As such, the Gleaming Valley’s justice system focuses on redemption rather than retribution. Also, because guilt carries so much social stigma, suspects are assumed innocent until proven otherwise. The Tier of Scales is the agency formally in charge of jurisprudence. It includes a small number of dedicated ranks that act as police officers and an elite cadre of clerics specially trained in divination magic.

Minor Breach of Character (any act that leads to the inconvenience or temporary harm of another or betrays the principles of trust and duty): Restitution to the injured party, and community service for no less than 7 but no more than 14 days.

Major Breach of Character (any act that leads to the permanent harm of another that does not result in death or loss of livelihood): Restitution to the injured party including a permanent debt of duty, and community service for no less than a month but no more than a year.

Destruction of Life (includes murder and injury that destroys another’s way of life): Oath of atonement wherein the perpetrator must seek to aid all those like the person(s) he injured, and wherein he may not use arms against another sentient being except to protect himself or his companions. This oath is enforced by divine magic.

The Gleaming Valley

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