Questor's Retreat (Cloister)

Each Questor of the Phylacteric Vault, shall be given a temporary residence within or near the Vault’s grounds for which to use for the following purposes:
- Rest and recuperation after travel.
- Research and study of the arcane.
- Prepare and plan future endeavors to benefit the Phylacteric Vault.
- Hold and store items of knowledge or value earned during one’s tenure with the Vault.
- Meet with Vault agents.
- Train and excel in the arts arcane, martial, spiritual and physical.
- House loyal followers, researches, squires or apprentices during one’s tenure with the Vault.

These residences are not to be used for the following purposes:
- Social visits or entertainment of guests.
- Detaining of persons or creatures, hostile or otherwise, against their will.
- Summoning of extraplanar entities without Vault oversight and permission.
- Formulating a stronghold or military base of operations.

As a contracted Questor of the Phylacteric Vault, I shall follow the letter and spirit of this document during my time in residency provided by the Phylacteric Vault and I shall consult with the appointed steward (referred to as Friar) should I have any doubts concerning the strictures of my residency here within.

The Vault will equip every questor with a small bronze coin that looks like an ordinary Darakeen bronze verica (1 cp). The coin carries a faint aura of illusion magic and is always cold to the touch, also both sides of the coin shift to show an image of the Vault when a command word is spoken. If the wielder of a coin casts a good amount of necromancy or evil aligned spells the coin begins to darken and tarnish.

With this document in order you will be given a cloister to house your group; you are small now but have been given a spacious cloister to accommodate expansion within your group or to accommodate the acquiring of servants. Your cloister is located just to the north of the Vault grounds. Three similar buildings, each designed to replicate small monasteries, ring a small mountain lake; the northernmost of these cloisters has been assigned to your group. You are now residences of the Larkworthy Cloister. Across the lake due south rests Southcote Cloister and to your southeast can be found the Cloister of Brookside.
A group of five Questors and a friar currently resides at Southcote, you know little as to what tasks the Vault has assigned them. For now, only a lone friar sits in residence at Brookside.
The friar at Larkworthy is Crumshank.


Guards: Three guards patrol the region around the lake on behalf of the vault, with only one being on active duty at any given time. The guards are:

- Galila (human female) is a Zathiskan born woman who carries a heavy iron-shod quarter staff. Galila sports no visible armor and she wears loose fitting robes split for riding, she also sports several scarves and sashes that trail about behind her when she moves. Galila’s thick, luxurious black hair has been cropped short, growing about two inches from scalp to tips, her absence of hair takes away some of the seductive qualities of her appearance, but it allows her attractive face and deep brown eyes to be seen more clearly.
Galila’s patrol starts at 4 AM. She stays until Renzl arrives at noon.

- Renzl, a 26 year old human, tall and lanky and a bit awkward looking. He handles a sword well enough but there is nothing graceful about his movements. He wears a domed copper helmet that covers his curly red hair and he is in the process of trying to grow a moustache. His mother lives in the town below, she cooks meals at the Vault’s Tower of Novices.
Renzl relieves Galila at noon, he remains until Munashe arrives to relieve him at 8 PM.

- Munashe (elf male), a quiet and focused elven male who wears a leather tabard, brown hood and sports a heavy longbow along with a longsword. Munashe speaks as infrequently as he can and is hardly a pleasant fellow, though he will stand and chat with Renzl just before or after a shift. Munashe’s long, braided hair is a light chestnut color and his eyes are bright green.
Munashe handles the shift after Renzl, from 8PM to 4 AM.

Your group is being assigned three Vault apprentices; at least one of these students will reside at your cloister at any given time. Most of their time is spent in studies and arcane research/learning, but they take care of mundane tasks such as making sure your cloister’s lab is stocked, getting typical supplies and casting minor spells on your behalf (I will provide a list of what these three can do). Also, these three act as liaisons with the Vault itself; when you require magical services one of these three seek out a wizard willing to do it for you, it’s assumed they have sought out the best bargain they could get on your behalf; these three also search out those willing to purchase your magic or craft new items of magic for you. You are under no obligation to pay them (though expensive components need to be purchased for spells that require them), they are working off part of their debt to the Vault in this way; of course any spell books you win or arcane items you wish to make available to them may make them more useful to you. The apprentices, their available spells and useful skills have been posted on Obsidian Portal.

Apprentices also serve to help friars with each cloister’s small library and may also make use of a cloister’s arcane lab (if it has one). A bed and small study area is expected to be available for a Vault apprentice at all cloisters.
Apprentices will generally be open about what talents, skills and spells they are capable of so Questors can get the most use out of them.

Questor's Retreat (Cloister)

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