Phylacteric Vault

The Phylacteric Vault

Population: 3,500 (76% human, 10% halfling, 7% elf, 5% dwarf, 2% other)
GP limit: 3,000 GP within the town; it is uncertain what, if any, limitations the Vault itself has on monetary expenditures and items.
Ruler: Archmage Nerith is the chancellor and chief administrator of the Vault itself while the town is governed by a council of five, one of whom is a wizard representing the Phylacteric Vault.
Primary resource: Magic, knowledge, books


This sprawling collection of buildings is actually a small city in itself and, although it is officially under Darakeene control, the Vault maintains a high level of independence. The greatest known repository of arcane knowledge on Ghelspad after the Library of Lokil, the Phylacteric Vault was originally an academy of alchemists, but it has grown to encompass documents and artifacts from all areas of magic.

Those who wish to do research here must actually enroll and participate in classes and aid in the library’s administration, and so far only peaceful uses of magic are taught or encouraged. The Vault’s leaders, including Chancellor Nerith Alia (human female) have begun investigating oneiromancy and chronomancy, the magic of dreams and time respectively, leading some to suspect that they are in contact with the orafauna of the Drifting Isle. Whether this is true remains uncertain- it is known, at least, that students of the PhylactericVault travel all of Ghelspad in search of rare components for use in their arcane research, to unearth magical knowledge among the ruins of cities lost in the
Divine War or to study abroad with other wizards.

The Phylacteric Vault has grown over the centuries to house research into all areas of arcane study, save only necromancy.
Archmage Nerith proves herself an able chief administrator to this bureaucratic collection of scholars. Most of the Phylacteric Vault’s studies thus far follow pacifistic paths of inquiry, such as travel into other planes, divinatory magic and transmutations of physical matter. The scholars of the Vault seem to frown on those students who pursue paths of evocation magic, though they do not restrict it as vehemently as they do the field of necromancy. Still, students who specialize in this field can expect no small degree of oversight.


The administrating council of the city includes a Vault representative and the holders of the vital or important offices within the town. Most of these offices are voted on every twelve years. Several other guilds are struggling to gain a place on the council, but thus far nothing is changing.
Council positions are:

Chief Administrator (Mayor): Lynton Grimsby (human male): as is traditional, the office of mayor is held by a cleric of Hedrada. Mayor Grimsby has served for the last two years.
Administrator of Law (Chief Constable): Mave Wyndella (human female)
Vault Administrator (Vault representative): (elf female, Wiz9, LG)
Administrator of Defense (Garrison Commander): Kilie Tilwedd (human female) A graduate of the Glamerhill college.
Administrator of Commerce (Head of merchant’s guild): Maddox of Fangfoss (human male, exp5, N). Maddox ensures that caravans coming and going leave and arrive on schedule.

The region surrounding the Vault is a rugged and picturesque stretch of northern mountains and alpine valleys, the winters are harsh and cold with severe snow flurries and strong winds coming from the higher peaks of the Titanshome peaks to the north. In spring the range blossoms with brilliant wild flowers that flourish up and down the mountainsides and within the deep, green river valleys.

The slopes of the range are heavily covered with stands of tall conifer trees like spruce, ash, firs and yellowwood dominating the lower slopes. At higher elevations there is little vegetation save for rough grasses, sedges and shrubs.
Wildlife is abundant with species that include deer, stag, rabbit, pheasant, fox, badger, marten, partridge; also native to the region are the chamois, groundhog, eagle and mountain jackdaw.

Phylacteric Vault

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