Order of the Morning Sky


The Order of the Morning Sky is known for its fanatical devotion to its dual causes of eradicating disease and contagion and destroying the undead, all in Madriel’s name.

The Order of the Morning Sky is a militant order composed of the First Angel’s more dedicated and fanatical followers. The Order combines missionary zeal with an honest desire to do Madriel’s work. Their most visible efforts involve combatting of undead and the destruction of morgaunt infestations.
The Order is led by a council of priests, with one of their number chosen to lead. this body coordinates activities, sets policies and monitors the behavior of its members.

The Order is organized into companies ranging in size from 100 to 600. Each company maintains a temple-fortress and associated settlements. A company is led by a Captain-priest and is divided into one or more circles – groups of 10-50 Order members.
In Darakeene the Order of the Morning Sky is represented by two circles. Patrolling the north and based out of Cantontown is the Circle of the Boar. Serving the South and based out of Trum is the Circle of the Skylark.

Circle of the Boar based out of Cantontown, the second circle of the Darakeene Company.
The circle consists of 50 members of the Order and is led by Captain-Priest Damiana Barthine (human female).

The circle is divided into 4 Squadrons (also called feathers or talons) of roughly ten or 11 members. The four squadrons are:
The Quill Fly Feather – Led by: Izydor Falrak (human male)
The Merciful Light Talon – Led by: Gyda Kloss (human female)
The Herald of Grace Talon – Led by: Sir Cobus (human male)
The Bronze Feather – Led by: Priest-Sergeant Pierrick Manes, (human male)

Other members of the Bronze Feather:
Chaplain of the Feather (Spiritual well-being): Lenwë Calmacil (elf male)
Warden-Priest (Responsible for equipment): Valla Mairdra (human Female)
Soldier-Priests: 5 male: Thalion Calmacil (elf), Shachar (human), Moab (human), Boyce (human), Gillis (human); 3 female; Kishori (human), Marcelyn (human), Lodi Kilnore (dwarf).

The Feather has recently arrived in Redwick Bush to attend the the Gray wasting, a disease that has riddled this small hamlet but seems to have not spread beyond its borders just yet.

Order of the Morning Sky

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