Invocation Benefits

Invocation Benefits –
A god’s worshippers can call upon the power of the deity when in need by taking one or more full rounds to chant, meditate, pray or otherwise contact the god’s spiritual essence. To invoke a god, the character must do nothing else during the entire round.
How long the invocation benefits can be “stored” before it is lost is entirely dependent upon the situation and is left to the DM’s discretion. In almost all cases, the task, feat or endeavor for which the worshipper desires the god’s boon must be specified and be undertaken immediately. Worshippers who invoke their gods too often will find he develops a deaf ear to their nagging pleas.

Corean: Each round that a worshipper invoked Corean, she can add +1 to any of the following die rolls: Craft or profession rolls involving blacksmithing, forging or creating weapons; survival rolls used to start campfires or light torches; knowledge or profession rolls related to smithing, war or fire. Those in battle can also invoke Corean, and for each round spent invoking the Champion, +1 can be added to their next attack roll. The maximum benefit derived from invoking Corean is +3 in all cases.

Madriel: The devout of Madriel who spend a full round invoking the redeemer’s name gain a +1 bonus on saves against negative energy attacks as well as the ability to heal one extra point of damage per healing spell. Worshippers can pray for three consecutive rounds for a maximum of a +3 on saves or can pray for one round for a maximum of +1 per die for healing spells (no bonus for 0 level spells).

Tanil: For every round that a character spends invoking Tanil, she gains a +1 bonus on her next attack roll with ranged weapons or a +1 on any roll involving music. The maximum invocation benefit gained in this manner is +3.
Hedrada: The devout of Hedrada who spend a full round invoking the Lawgiver gain a +1 bonus on any rolls made to determine the truth (such as sense motive) or to resist outside emotional manipulation (such as most will saves). This bonus is increased by +1 for each additional full round of invocation, up to a maximum bonus of +3.

Enkili: For each round that a worshipper invokes Enkili, he receives a +1 to any of the next of the following rolls – skill rolls for balance, bluff, disguise, jump or tumble; +1 to reflex saves. The maximum bonus obtained in this fashion is +3, but in keeping with Enkili’s chaotic nature, these bonuses can be applied to any of the skills or save listed. A worshipper can invoke for three rounds, then apply +1 to each of his next reflex save, bluff and tumble skill rolls.

Chardun: Each full round that a worshipper of Chardun spends invoking his god, he receives a +1 bonus on any of the following rolls: skill rolls for concentration, diplomacy, intimidation or sense motive; rolls to any skills that involve military tactics or strategy; any attack roll; and any roll to inflict damage using a spell. The maximum bonus obtained in this fashion is +3, and the entire bonus must be applied to one of the rolls listed above.

Belsameth: Worshippers of Belsameth who spend a whole round invoking the Slayer’s name gain a +1 bonus to their next saving throw from spells cast by clerics of a good aligned deity; or they can receive a +1 bonus on their next attack roll against followers of good-aligned gods. Belsameth’s worshippers invoke this ability when facing priests of Madriel and Tanil (hated for slaying lycanthropes). A worshipper can pray for three consecutive rounds for a maximum bonus of +3. Worshippers gain the +3 bonus after only one round if the invocation occurs during a lunar eclipse or a full moon.

Vangal: Worshippers of Vangal who invoke his name for one or more consecutive rounds gain a bonus to strike normally invulnerable targets, such as those with damage reduction, incorporeal foes and the like. Each round spent praying in this manner grants the user’s weapon the ghosttouch ability and the equivalent of a +1 enchantment bonus for the purposes of determining what can be hit by it, up to a maximum of +3. This bonus does not apply to attack rolls or damage, does not stack with other enchantments or bonuses and lasts for only a single round. If the worshipper is wielding two weapons, both may be so enchanted, so long as they are axes of some sort.

Invocation Benefits

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