Hedrada, the Lawgiver

Titles: The Lawgiver, The Judge
Portfolio: Law, Justice, Wealth, Order, Cities, Knowledge
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Cleric Alignments: LG, LN, LE
Domains: Judgement, Knowledge, Missionary, Law, Protection
Holy Symbol: Stylized two-headed hammer
Favored Weapon: Warhammer
Typical Worshipers: Merchants, judges and lawyers, monks, scholars, the Exemplars, the city of Hedrad

Great Hedrada, Wisest of Gods, The Judge, The Lawgiver, has always been active in the lives of mortals. He loves mortals best when they strive to live side by side under common laws, sacrificing some freedoms in the interest of the community. It should come as no surprise, then, that his avatar is perhaps the most recognized of any god during the Divine War, Hedrada was most active around cities, defending the civilization he had nurtured even during his parents’ reign. Thousands upon thousands of men, women and children saw the shining figure of the Lawgiver, crowned with gold, as he raised his great hammer against those who would have ground the cities to dust and barbarism.

But despite his role as the guardian of cities, Hedrada is no god of war. He was the first to foresee that all the world would be dashed to bits if the titans so willed it, and he was the first to warn his siblings that war might have been necessary. But he was not the first to take up a weapon in the war. He supported and helped plan the attacks of his more martial siblings such as Vangal, Corean and Chardun, but did not himself enter the fray personally until the death of his own daughter.
Hrinruuk the Hunter, in one of the opening battles between god and titan, slew the goddess of magic Miridum with one of his hellish arrows. Finally stirred to battle, Hedrada fought Hrlnruuk and with the aid of Corean the Champion defeated him. When Corean presented the still-living head of Hrinruuk to Hedrada as repayment, the Champion was surprised to see the rage in the Lawgiver’s eyes as he armed himself and strode to battle. Justice, it seemed, could sometimes bear a sword.

Today, Hedrada’s avatar is rarely seenon the face of the Scarred Lands. Hedrada favors a strong, well regimented hierarchy, and he is more prone to delegate important tasks to his servitors than to handle each and every crisis personally. Since the Divine War, Hedrada has sent his avatar to the material plane only in situations where a major city of worshippers is directly threatened. If need be, his avatar can swell to the Size of a mountain, or shrink to the Size of an ordinary man, but Hedrada prefers to manifest in a
form that is sufficiently regal while remaining relatively accessible to his mortal worshippers.

Hedrada, the Lawgiver

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