Buying and Selling Magic at the Vault


- At the vault the wizards will straight-up buy any magic (with some exceptions) for 75% of book value from Questors, though items unlikely to be purchased from the vault or used by the vault, such as armor or weapons sized for large creatures, will be standard 50% value.

- Also, for items the vault will be able to use or sell readily, they will exchange for magic items of an equal value. They will exchange items on a 1 for 1 basis – they will not give you a 40,000 GP item for eight 5,000 GP items. They will purchase items of necromancy or evil items at 50% with the intention of destroying said items.

- They have a large amount of items readily made, but some items they may have to craft for you. I am using a base 40% chance that they have any item that can be crafted via arcane spells (not including rods or staffs).
A couple notes I should make concerning the vault’s purchasing, selling or creating magic items: Under no circumstances will they sell or create items infused with magic from the necromancy school. They generally do not sell items crafted from the evocation school either, but they will make exceptions for questors who want items that are not of a highly destructive nature. These items, with a few exceptions, cost 150% book cost.

Let me clarify the straight-up trading of magic item for magic item: The vault wizards are expected (but not forced) to conduct trades with questors, giving back an item of equal or lesser value for a magical item the party wishes to part with. If the item the Vault receives is of higher value than the item being given back, the wizard is under no obligation to make up the additional cost with gold or less expensive magical items. If the item you wish to give the vault is of lesser value than the item you want, it is most likely the Vault wizard will simply buy the item of yours (at 75% value) then let you purchase the item you wish to trade. It may seem a bit mercenary on their part, but these are individuals who also want to profit or maximize their effectiveness, and the party is still coming out ahead considering any other dealer of magic would be purchasing your items for 50% value.

Not sure if I explained that right so I’ll give a ’for-instance:
Eurig, a questor, has won himself a rod of cancellation (11,000 gp) and a cloak of resistance +4 (16,000) from a raid on a slitheren warren. Upon returning to the Vault he contacts a wizard willing to barter with him. Eurig wants a +3 dagger (18,000) and tries to vault_magic2.jpgoffer said wizard the cloak plus 2,000 gp in return for a +3 dagger. The wizard declines, instead offering to purchase Eurig’s cloak for 12,000 gp which Eurig can use toward purchasing the creation of that dagger. With that deal completed Eurig eyes a ring of improved jumping (10,000 gp) the wizard has in his possession. Eurig offers the rod of cancellation (11,000) for this ring and the wizard agrees. Eurig gets the ring for the rod and knows better than to expect any change coming his way; the alternative would have been to sell the rod for 8,250 gp and see what he could do with that money.

Buying and Selling Magic at the Vault

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