Available Religions

God/Demi-god Alignment Domains Typical worshippers
Corean, the Avenger Lawful Good Fire, good, law, protection, war paladins, smiths, dwarves, monks, city of Mithril
Madriel, the Redeemer Neutral Good air, good, healing, plant sun healers, the sick, farmers, wedded couples, citizens of Durrover
Tanil, the Huntress Chaotic Good animal, chaos, luck, plant, travel, trickery rangers, hunters, many Veshians, Vigils, elves
Hedrada, the Lawgiver Lawful Neutral judgement*, knowledge, law, protection Merchants, judges and lawyers, monks, scholars, the city of Hedrad
Erias, the Lord of Dreams Chaotic good chaos, dreams*, good, magic dreamers, the hopeful, lotus-eaters of Shelzar
Goran, the Dwarven God Lawful good earth, good, law, strength Dwarves, especially dwarves of Burok-Torn
Hwyrdd, the Rogue Neutral luck, protection, trickery halflings, especially in the Heteronomy of Virduk
Nemorga, the Gatekeeper Neutral death, gateways*, knowledge, travel Those who mourn for the dead, citizens of Hollowfaust
Syhanna, the Cloudmaiden Neutral Good air, fey*, good, rainbows* farmers, rural people, desert tribes, fey
  • New domain found in Relics & Rituals.

    Domains: In the Relics & Rituals books many domains have multiple options for spells at certain levels. While I think that these newly added spells certainly fit the domains, they also help to spread imbalance, making some domains better than others. For those domains with multiple spells at a given level, the cleric must decide, as soon as she is able to cast spells of that level, only one of those spells as her domain spell for that level, the others will not be considered domain spells at all.
    The Missionary domain is a new domain that is available to clerics of any deity.
    I’ll get back to you on granted powers.

New Domains:
(Clerics of all gods may receive access to the Missionary domain)

Granted power: Once per night, while sleeping, you may attempt a wisdom check (DC 15) to gain the answer to some question, as per the spell divination. You require at least three hours sleep to use this divine gift. This is a supernatural ability.
1st: Sleep
2nd: Minor Image or Detect dreams (choose one)
3rd: Modify memory
4th: phantasmal killer
5th: dream
6th: Nightmare or Deep slumber
7th: vision
8th: maze
9th: weird

Granted power: The cleric gains +4 vs. all spell-like abilities used by fey. Knowledge (nature) is a class skill.
1st: Charm person
2nd: invisibility
3rd: snare
4th: confusion or iron butterflies (Choose one)
5th: polymorph self
6th: Amnesia
7th: Summon Nature’s Ally VII (Hornsaw Unicorn Only)
8th: Otto’s irresistible dance
9th: Shapechange

Granted power: Open lock and search are class skills for you. You receive a +4 divine bonus to all saving throws and attack rolls made while standing on the threshold or doorstep of a door, gateway or other portal.
1st: hold portal
2nd: knock
3rd: glyph of warding
4th: dimensional anchor
5th: wall of force
6th: word of recall
7th: plane shift
8th: greater planar binding
9th: gate

Granted power: Sense motive is a class skill for you. In addition you may make a true strike (as the spell) once per day against anyone who has wounded you within 24 hours. Invoking the true strike effect is a free action, although you must declare it before making your attack roll. This power counts as a spell-like ability.
1st: Prevarication’s bounty
2nd: Hedrada’s Balance
3rd: Searing light
4th: Discern lies
5th: True seeing
6th: Geas/Quest
7th: Forcecage
8th: Mind blank
9th: Imprisonment

Granted power: You can invke the ability to comprehend languages once per day as a free action. This is a spell-like ability, however, there are no components required so the power can be activated without anyone else’s knowledge. This affect lasts twice as long as the spell itself.
1st: Madriel’s empathic resonance or mount (choose one)
2nd: charm person or rend the sovereign soul (choose one)
3rd: tongues
4th: suggestion
5th: prying eyes
6th: Inquisition
7th: Incite
8th: Sympathy
9th: Convert

Granted power: The cleric gains +2 vs. all spells affecting vision and is immune to all forms of magical blindness.
1st: Color spray
2nd: glitterdust
3rd: fly
4th: rainbow pattern
5th: shield of color (DD)
6th: control weather
7th: prismatic spray
8th: prismatic wall
9th: prismatic sphere

Available Religions

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