Some claim that all elves are fair and graceful beings akin to angels themselves… Trahearn is living proof that they are not. He is a wizened and gnarled elf who walks with a stoop and has little patience for those around him.
His exact age is unknown, some claim he was a hero during the divine war while some say he was still in his infancy when that war was fought. If he is truly so young (by elven standards) then he must have put some hard living into his short life to appear as ragged and worn as he now does.

Trahearn has ‘retired’ to the community beyond the walls of the Phylacteric Vault, claiming he has ‘no patience for the next crop of dim-witted apprentices, as the world seems to be dumbing down the mortal mind.’ He gave up his role as master wizard and now serves the Vault as the representative on the village council – a position he seems to show only a half-hearted interest in.
Though withdrawn and seemingly impatient, he does have an inquisitive eye and strangers, mysteries, puzzles and dilemmas can generally garner his notice.



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