Tanil's Hounds


Large hunting hounds that stand tall and sturdy yet always seem to have a peaceful and calm expression upon their canid faces. Most of Tanil’s hounds are pure white in color, but colors can vary from pack to pack.
The hounds of Tanil are led by Tanil’s herald, the hound Garra. While Garra is rarely found among the packs of the Huntress’s hounds on Scarn, all packs do her bidding and it is said that the barks and howls emitted by the hunting hounds are a canid prayer to Garra.


Tanil breeds the hounds to be her hunting companions. She rarely has more than one pack (up to 18 hounds) living on Scarn at a time, and it is unusual to see more than a dozen together.
When forced to do battle, the hounds fight as would ordinary canines, though they use remarkably shrewd and clever tactics, especially when Garra is present.

Tanil's Hounds

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