A dusky skinned beauty whose boundless energy and brilliant smile seem to draw happiness and laughter from those around her


Perchuha is a slender and graceful woman of mixed Elzan heritage, her skin is a deeply tanned hue that highlights the brilliance of her pale green eyes. Her waves of thick black hair are usually kept up with shoots and wisps of that hair spilling free from a colorful headdress or bandana. She dresses in the brightly colored garb so fashionable in Shelzar, but other than a few jade and earthen bracelets she forgoes the glitter of piercings and jewelry so common in the city of pleasures.

Perchuha is the owner and care taker of Aysul’s Den, a gathering spot for singers, writers and entertainers. The location is also a known safe haven for orphans and mistreated women and it is said that the wrath of Tanil will fall upon any who abuse a patron of the house.


Perchuha is said to be an acquaintance of Lady Dalia of Gascar Keep, Lady Dalia assists Perchuha and other servants of Tanil by providing weaponry and information used in hunting evil lycanthropes, hated foes of the Huntress’ church and the Order of Silver.


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