The spectral image of a short, thin jester with mottled brown skin and leaking sores appears before you pointing and laughing with haunting mirth


Measels is very short of a human, standing at just 5 feet in height; in his childhood he survived a plague that ravaged his poor neighborhood, but he still wears the scarred sores upon his face and body left by the ravaging disease. In jester regalia he paints dots of pale, sickly brown over these pitted scars and he sports a rather drab and tattered costume of dark brown, light beige and the floppy ears of some unspecified animal upon his hood.


Measels lived in Shelzar during the reign of the Charduni dwarves, his art of comedic performances was strongly frowned upon by the ruling Charduni but the capricious marid appreciated the riddles, jests, falls and raunchy tales of the small jester. He spent much time in the regions around Nadim’s Landing and spent many long hours talking to and performing for the bound marid. As their time on this plane dwindled, they charged the loyal little jester with finding the means to protect their shrine – unfortunately, shortly after the Marid’s departure, the ruling Charduni had Measels put to death for his part in a comedic production that belittled the dark dwarves and their tyrant god, Chardun.


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