Kateus, wizard apprentice

A short, middle-aged human man, with travel-worn skin and a thin mop of dark hair on his head.


Kateus is a well-educated man from the rough lands of northern Vesh. He served as a book-binder’s apprentice in his youth and spent some years as a scribe and librarian. Most recently he worked as a researcher and scribe for a well-known Veshian sage in Trum. It was this sage who recommended Kateus to the vault, and while he is old for an apprentice, he shows a keen mind and a talent for magic.

Kateus speaks Veshian, dwarven, Ledean, Ancient Ledean and draconic.
Skills of note: Decipher script, gather information, knowledge (geography, history)
Kateus serves as apprentice to Master Conjurer Leatrice, the Wandering Wizard.

Spell book:
0: clean*, enumerate*
1st: protection from evil, unseen servant, silent image, identify, detect shapechangers**
2nd: arcane lock, locate object, Dolomar’s Mapping*

Kateus, wizard apprentice

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