Jovran, Holy Defender of the Forge


Holy Defender Jovran raised Kade from the dead; he has charged Kade with finding the evil long bow known as the Shepherd of Lost Souls. Once found the weapon is to be claimed and returned to Holy Defender Jovran and the Order of Iron in Shelzar for destruction.

Has raised Kade from the dead, he has charged the barbarian with finding, claiming and returning to this Order of Iron chapter House the sentient and “Entirely sinister” longbow known as the Shepherd of Lost Souls. Because Kade is a flighty follower of Tanil, Jovran has enforced this mandate with compulsion magic.

“You shall strive with all of your focus for at least 24 hours in every calendar month to locate and claim the longbow known as Shepherd of Lost Souls. Eight months from the day of your resurrection, you will return to the Order of Iron Chapter House in Shelzar and share all progress made in this quest with Holy Defender Jovran.
At this time, if it is deemed necessary, Holy Defender Jovran will re-enact the rite to extend the Holy binding and ensure that the task of retrieving Shepherd of Lost Souls is of primary importance to you.”

Jovran, Holy Defender of the Forge

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