Jaagup, Illusion apprentice

A tall, slender Darakeener, bearing blonde locks and a few of the tribal tattoos of a native Keltai tribesman


While his tribe has been, for the most part, assimilated into Darakeene society, the Keltai people hold on tightly to many aspects of their culture, including the custom of using tattoos (or scars in some sects) to mark important moments of a person’s life. Jaagup was raised in the northern parts of the country and shortly after his mother’s death, his father, a skilled metal worker and devout follower of Corean, moved north to the Phylacteric Vault’s community where he still crafts fine ornamental metal works. Jaagup, having grown up surrounded by such magics was easily able to focus his keen mind and mischievous personality towards an apprenticeship in the field of illusion magic.
His term of apprenticeship has lasted nearly ten years and the Vault is likely to cut ties with him soon, as he may have reached a limit in his magical abilities.

Languages: Ledean, Darakeene, Elzan, Draconic, Ukrudan
Skills of Note: Handle Animal, knowledge nature, local (Phylacteric Vault), Sleight of hand
Specialty school: Illusion
Prohibited schools: Abjuration, Necromancy

Spell book:
0: False flavor**
1st: Chameleon skin*, Elina’s Wardrobe**, Disappear*, Identify, Magic Missile, Mount, silent image
2nd: Ever scent*, Invisibility, Enkili’s Prank*

Jaagup, Illusion apprentice

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