Goodman Haylord, Cleric of Hwyrrd

A short, bald and round halfling past his middle years


The Goodman is an unassuming and soft-spoken member of the faith who tries to go about tending to his flock in a manner that causes as little friction as possible with the Satrap’s governing in Calas.

Goodman Haylord presides over the Great temple of Hwyrdd, the largest shrine to the halfling’s demigod on the continent; he is soft spoken but is a constant voice for halfling equality throughout the Heteronomy of Virduk, pointing out the relatively equal treatment the race seems to receive in the kingdom of Calastia as a comparison.

Many of the Satrap’s people suspect Goodman Haylord of having ties with radical rebellious groups such as The Swans and Hwyrdd’s Chosen; should evidence surface to support these rumors the Goodman’s days wouls urely be numbered.


Goodman Haylord, Cleric of Hwyrrd

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