Enzo, Gleaming Valley merchant

A broad-shouldered old merchant with long gray hair, full beard and many scars collected from a life on the road.


Height: 6’
Weight: 200
Apparent age: Late fifties

Dust-coated clothing of a fine cut are the typical garb of old Enzo, a man who has been traveling the “Crescent moon Run” from Southern Darakeene to shelzar for over three decades. At this stage in his life Enzo owns his own wagons, his own horses and has put aside enough coin to own a small but comfortable residence in the Gleaming Valley’s Summer Vale. A widower with one grown and married daughter, Enzo has little reason to settle down and enjoy his later years. He claims to like his life on the road, though he now only makes a handful of runs per year, often to carry specialized equipment for various Coreanic contacts and associates.

The Legion of Iron in Meliad, the church of Corean in Golden city, the Order of Silver at Gascar Keep and the Order of Iron chapter House in shelzar all have mercantile needs that they’d rather not entrust to shady merchants or the corrupt family Asuras. It is for these specialized needs that Enzo agrees to continue the life on the road. He only hires drivers and guards who carry a license from the Golden City and he never makes a run without his two longest and closest companions: Delshad, an old crow who he has nursed from the egg and Celestine, a temperamental draft horse who has lumberd in front of Enzo for so many years that he has taken on the old man’s gruff but gentle-hearted characteristics.


Enzo, Gleaming Valley merchant

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