Dariz, Scion apprentice

pale-skinned halfing woman with long golden hair and pale blue eyes.


Dariz is an apprentice at the Phylacteric Vault and has been assigned to assist Questor’s when she has time free from her studies.
Dariz was born and raised in Albadia by her mother a devout follower of Madriel; when her sorcerous abilities started to awaken she left Albadia to avoid the attention of the Belsameth-serving witches who have such sway through that land.
She speaks Albadian, Elven and Darakeene.
Dariz serves her apprenticeship under the tutelage of the scion (sorcerer) Ithamar, a demanding and harsh master indeed.

Skills of note: Local knowledge (Albadia), Survival, Use magic device

Spells known:
0: Resistance, detect poison, read magic, mending, Arcane mark
1st: Alarm, Comprehend languages, Sleep

Dariz, Scion apprentice

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