The Eighteen Blades of Vode Nulan

The Great Unknown.

Kade Orcslayer. He looked at the name on the paper he had signed. Kade Orcslayer. He hadn’t even decided how he would spell Kade until he was asked to sign the documentation allowing him to work, as a free man, with merchants.

Kade wouldn’t let the others know, but he found great personal satisfaction in signing his name. The name he had chosen for himself.

Up until he had held those papers in his hands, Kade could still feel the weight of the shackles upon his wrists and feet. He could still taste and smell the slop he was forced to eat. Signing that paper made the phantom shackles disappear, and he could no longer focus on the stench he normally ate.

He was free. Truly free.

It was all he could think about during the trip to Shelzar. His hand always drifting to the backpack where he kept it. Sometimes, he would pull out the liscense and read and reread it.

The skirmishes that occurred along the road were nothing more than distractions to him. At least until the Manicore.

He had never battled something so fierce. While they seemed to have taken the surprise advantage from the beast, they were not ready.

It wasn’t until Adamant had called to him to drink a potion that he realized they had never given those out. He had never even asked.

Severally wounded he pressed on, only to watch the cleric Ramrock pass him by in the heat of the moment. The newly joined rogue/cleric made no moves towards him either.

Kade couldn’t blame them, the fighting was intense and the beast was way more powerful then they had planned on. It’s ability to fly keeping himself and Hugo from landing much in the way of damaging assaults.

Moving towards Ramrock as the thick dwarf pursued it’s attack, Kade sought healing, only to take several brutal hits from the beast’s spiked tail.

Kade faded from the living world into darkness, cursing himself for his ineptitude, and praying to Tanil that his friends might survive the beast.


A good read, love the perspective and insight dude.
Thanks, adding some XP.

The Great Unknown.

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