The Eighteen Blades of Vode Nulan


Rott the Ratkiller sat high upon his horse, looking down at the massive Forrest that sat below, formed by the natural run off and thaw from the surrounding hills that seemed to frame the edge of the dank place.

He felt the power he now had, the freedom, and it eased his fears of what may lay waiting for them below.

They had come a long way. Less than two months ago, Rott was stalking rats in the hopes that he would eat something other than snake weed. Now he and the others prepared to assist Holy Men in saving lives.

The road from the Vault to where they stood had proved to be full of peril before arriving under the umbrella of holy soldiers seeking to save a city beset by the grey waste.

A grim task ahead of them, Rott, Adamant the Dwarven Mage, and Ram the Copper cleric of Chardun, returned thier horses and made way into the Forrest on foot.


Nice snap shot of that moment, surprised you haven’t taken any shit yet though. I’m guessing no one else has read this.


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